An experienced software developer, that worked in mobile industry for about 14 years, from J2ME to Android, mostly for closed source.

But now I make a lot of opensource stuff, like DNS on smallest blockchain, distributed firewall, official Yggdrasil client for Android, and true P2P messenger.

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My work experience

I worked for many different projects for different platforms...


Since 2006 I've worked in a J2ME game industry, made and ported many games for many phones that supported J2ME.

There were two projects that involved client-server architecture:

  • One was like mobile OS, that showed live widgets and allowed to browse different websites (third-party services), RSS-news and even has a multi-user chat (based on XMPP).
  • The other consisted of own services, forums, currency exchange rates, news, blogs, and two kinds of messengers!

After that I've moved back to game industry, got mostly porting tasks at first - ported some games for Blackberry and Android. And then developed a new tower defence game for Android, in C++ and OpenGL ES.

And after that I've moved completely to Android, developed WebGuard (ad-blocker for Android), and then moved to AdGuard (the best ad-blocker for Android and other OSes). Worked there for 6 years. I've learned a lot about network programming on different levels.


I've tried to develop some projects in C/C++ before, I've developed a game for Android in it, but when it was about other platforms C/C++ gave me such a pain in the ass, so I couldn't bear with it.

Especially in a matter of linking libraries.

And then Rust came, it was a real joy to link SDL2 library and create a ready to draw window in a couple of minutes!

It was some time just before a 1.0 release. The borrow checker gave me some headache, but I've learned to keep in mind those invisible ownership-strings attached from one structure to another, and soon it became my friend.

Other activity

Before 2006 I've worked mostly with hardware, but was developing some decent programs with Delphi, and special software for accounts department. So, my digital career started somewhere in 2000-2002.

Whole my career I was trying a lot of new things, read about MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP (done some websites and simple scripts in it, as well as HTML/CSS), Python (a lot of authomatization).

In about 2008 I've started to use my own mail server (Postfix, Dovecot, Roundcube), and therefore I've started to use GNU/Linux for all those server needs. I've tried Linux for desktops a lot earlier, in about 2003, checked a lot of distributions, had Puppy Linux on a flash drive (128MB one), and always hoped that Linux will be the dominant desktop OS. But it failed, and I've lost my hope after 12 years. So, now I use Debian a lot for my servers, and Kubuntu for some work if I need something to be be done for Linux or in Linux.